Pet & Herd Guard Alpacas For Sale

Alpacas As Pets

Herd Guards

Colour: Mixed

DOB: 18 mths plus

Pet Alpacas For Sale


Older castrated males or non breeding females make suitable herd guards for sheep & goats etc or would also be good lawn mowers & pets.

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Young Males For Pets

Colour: Mostly White or Fawn

DOB: 6-12 Months


Young weaner male alpacas aged 6-12 months make good pets but are not yet old enough to guard livestock well.

They will need castrating by your vet at approx 18 months of age.

Halter trained males often available & cost from $300 each.

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Alpacas make great pets if you are realistic about your expectations.

They are naturally curious & quiet natured. You can train them to eat from your hand & walk on a halter.

Male alpacas kept as pets should be castrated (wethered) at approx. 1 year to 18mths of age. If they are not wethered, they will develop fighting teeth & they may become less friendly as their hormones kick in.

They need yearly shearing, you can arrange a mobile shearer to come to your home.

They also need a toe nail trim a few times a year which is easy to do & an injection every 6 months to prevent livestock diseases, which the vet can do for you or you can learn to do yourself.

They may also require worm drenching if there are worms problems on your property.

They are very quiet & a pleasure to have mowing your lawn!

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell in pairs if you don’t own other alpacas.

Females As Pets (not pregnant)

Colour: Mostly White or Fawn

DOB: 5+ years old


Females make great guards & pets, often being very friendly when they are not pregnant.

We often sell females we no longer require for breeding or who are older as pets. If you then decide to breed alpacas you already have the girls to start with, so a good option to consider.

We can arrange matings for these females to our males at a discounted rate to help you get your herd started.

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