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Grade: Fine

Colour: Solid White

Average Length: 120mm


A lovely long soft handling fleece with high crimp frequency, suitable for many spinning projects. Dark colour in image is dust, fleece will wash out to pure white.

Weight: approx. 1.3kg

Email / phone us for other fleeces for sale.

Prices quoted are for the whole raw skirted fleece.

Prices include postage if stated

Payment is via direct credit - we will invoice you.

NOTES: Baby alpaca fleeces can often have some tip damage & higher vegetable matter content.

DARK colours in images of white fleece is just dust, as alpacas enjoy a dust bath - it will wash out.

Fleece Grades

We grade our fleece into the following categories:

Ultra Fine: Under 18 Micron

Super Fine: 18 to 20 Micron

Fine: 20.1 to 23 micron

Medium: 23.1 to 26 Micron

Strong: Over 26 Micron

Peach Blossom

Grade: Fine

Colour: Light Fawn

Average Length: 100mm


A very soft handling soft apricot coloured fleece.

Weight: approx. 1.1kg

PRICE: $58 (includes postage)


Grade: Super Fine

Colour: Solid White

Average Length: 105mm


Pure white fleece with nice style, super soft for that special project.

Weight: approx. 1.0kg

Sorry - SOLD


Grade: Baby Ultra Fine

Colour: Soft Apricot Fawn

Average Length: 100mm


So soft baby alpaca with lovely crimp definition - but only a small amount.

Weight: approx. 370g

Sorry - SOLD


Grade: Medium

Colour: Solid White

Average Length: 105mm


Nice well nourished crimpy fleece.

Weight: approx. 1kg

PRICE: $45 (includes postage)


Grade: Fine

Colour: Light Fawn

Average Length: 110mm


Softest creamy fawn colour fleece with good length & soft crimp style.

Oregon won a first place ribbon for this fleece.

Weight: approx. 800g

PRICE: $47 (includes postage)

Tovah 1 & 2

Grade: Super Fine

Colour: Solid Dark Fawn

Average Length: 70 - 80mm


Very finely crimped slightly shorter fleece with gorgeous colour.

2 Fleeces combined.

Weight: approx. 1.4kg

PRICE: $43 (includes postage)

Shorter fleece for felting/craft projects

Mixed short fleece

Grades: Fine to Medium

Colours: White to Brown

Average Length: 50mm


We have fleeces from older animals who don’t grow as long a fleece, or from neck fleece etc that is suitable for felting or craft projects, dog bed stuffing etc.

Weight: As required

PRICE: $7 a kilo + postage

I got your fleece delivery yesterday. It is so soft and lovely.

Dasiy K - 2016

What others are saying about our fleece

I've finally finished spinning the fleece I got from you last year and started to crochet a rug (below.).

I'm looking for a white one now.

Helen L - 2016

The fleeces arrived safely a few days ago and they are absolutely gorgeous…so incredibly soft and cuddly.

Ruth E - 2015

Sorry - SOLD
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